Study MBBS in USA/Netherland -Complete Guide

Why to go for USA/Netherland  for MBBS?



Form the time of our childhood our parents, instructors and relatives prescribe studying either engineering or medicine. In our Indian society, if there are two children in a house then it is confirmed that one would be an engineer and other would be a doctor. This is the dream of the majority of Indians. But it is also observe that becoming a Doctor is the dream of mostly Indian student. Students desire to do their MBBS in USA is common in India.

In India, it is very difficult for a middle class family to get admission for their in medical colleges due to very high fee structure ranging between 15-20 Lacs. That’s the reason the craze of doing MBBS is Abroad is increasing among students. There are lots of benefits of doing MBBS from aboard. Some of them are below mentioned.

No Capitation or Donation Fees

In most of the foreign countries, there are no donation or capitation fees in most of the medical colleges. Even their tuition fee is very low as compared to India.

No Entrance Test

In Abroad, there is no entrance test to get admission in medical college like India. You will get admission as per your senior secondary performance.

Low cost of living

Cost of living is also as quiet cheap as a student can survive with very less amount.

Modern Infrastructure

Medical colleges in Abroad have world class infrastructure and modern equipment in hospitals.

High Career Opportunities

There are lots of career opportunities in abroad for the MBBS Students.


a. State-of-the-art facility with latest media and software tools
b. The university acquires a land of 20 acres area; main building accommodates lecture halls, anatomy laboratory, histology laboratory, library, administrative offices, kitchen, cafeteria, student lounge, recreation room.
c. Wi-fi available throughout the campus
d. On campus dorms (single and double)
e. Sports courts, table tennis, pool table available on campus
f. Food of choice (vegetarian and non- vegetarian)
g. 24 hour Security and Emergency Services
h. Sakai for study material, schedules, grades and communication

St. Martinus University, Faculty of Medicine Campus

MBBS Program Fee

Basic Sciences Year 1 (Curacao)Basic Sciences Year 2 (Curacao)Clinical Rotations Year 1Clinical Rotations Year 2Total
INR 9LacsINR 9LacsINR 9 Lacs(UK)INR 9 Lacs (UK)INR 36 Lacs
INR 10 Lacs (USA)INR 10 Lacs (USA)INR 38 Lacs
INR 7LacsINR 7LacsINR 5 Lacs (Curacao)INR 5 Lacs (Curacao)INR 24 Lacs

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Payment  Terms

The total fee is divided into 4 parts payable in 4  years 

For example, for USA  it is INR 9 Lacs, INR 9 Lacs , INR 8 Lacs & INR 8 Lacs

1.At the time of applying for Landing Permit: INR 5 Lacs
2.On visa receipt: (1/3 of the fee minus INR 4 Lacs)
3.August 1, 2018: 1/3 of the fee
4.August 1, 2019: 1/3 of the fee
5. August 1, 2020: 1/3 of the fee

Fee includes all laboratories’ fees, Facility Charges, Library fee, Integrated Clinical Medicine Hospital Charges, Initiation White Coat Ceremony Fee & Graduation Fee


Facts about St. Martinus

  1. ♠  Providing medical education for over 13 years
  2. ♠100% of graduated doctors in USA, UK, Holland, Canada, Germany
  3. ♠2016 first time pass rate for USMLE is over 94%;
  4. highest attained 264; US average is 220
  • Curriculum designed after medical schools in USA/CA
  • Maximum 60 students per class for individual attention
  • Maximum 8 students per cadaver as per US standard
  • Early start to USMLE preparation Problem Based Learning (PBL)
  • Affiliated with the largest hospital in Caribbean for ICM
  1. All faculty members teaching Basic Sciences are MDs

PONTIAC General Hospital

About Us

PONTIAC General Hospital and its hand-picked physician staff cater to multi-specialties as well as provide urgent healthcare services to the community.

This hospital is partially owned or invested in by physicians.

Mission Statement

Being the first hospital in Pontiac, Pontiac General Hospital provides patient-centered, compassionate care in the highest quality and cost-effective manner, while fulfilling the needs of our community.


Pontiac General Hospital is listed as Oakland Physicians Medical Center on ERAS.

Related Information

Family Medicine Residency Program Goals
Application Information
Benefit & Salary Information
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Family Medicine Center

The Pontiac General Hospital (PGH) Family Medicine Residency is a three-year program with six positions available each year. The program is a major affiliate of the Wayne State University School of Medicine. Most of the required rotations are available at the main hospital campus where residents work in collaboration with the experienced faculty.

The Family Medicine Residency program is enriched by PGH’s membership in the Southeastern Michigan Center for Medical Education (SEMCME), a consortium of eight major teaching hospitals, two universities and the Detroit Medical Center. The mission of the PGH Family Medicine Residency program is to educate its graduates to be caring, competent and dedicated family physicians.

The residency program is proud of its 32-year heritage and its numerous achievements and awards in the course of its history. In its efforts to improve the lives of the surrounding community, the Family Medicine Center has earned national recognition from the American Academy of Family Physicians for its successful vaccination program for children. It is also one of the select few sites in Michigan to be designated as the “Patient Centered Medical Home”.

The program is also proud to have one of the highest numbers of publications and scholarly activities in the Detroit area, a 100% pass rate for board certification, as well as one of the highest scores in the recent American Board of Family Medicine’s In-training Examination.

Patient Services

When it comes to health, time is irrelevant. There is no telling when you’ll need medical care so at
PONTIAC General Hospital, we make our Patient Services available 24/7.

+ Brain Repair Center
+ Cardiology Department
+ Care of the elderly
+ Endoscopy and Gastroenterology
+ Home Health Care Services
+ Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
+ Kidney Disease (Renal Disease) and Dialysis
+ Labs and Radiology
+ Mental Health
+ Orthopedics
+ Pain management, Neurology and Rehabilitation
+ Pharmacy
+ Physical Therapy
+ Primary Care and Hospitalization
+ Radiology
+ Respiratory/Pulmonary
+ Sleep Center
+ Surgery
+ Urgent Care Plus
+ Urology
+ Visiting Physician Services
+ Rapid Drug Detox

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