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MBBS in Philippines is getting popular among Indian students who do not wish to study an additional language such as required in MCI recognized medical colleges or universities in China or European countries like Russia. This is due to the fact that, Philippines is an English speaking country. More than 95% of the people speaks English language. MBBS in Philippines review also became popular because the medical seats in China get generally filled up by June end. The various universities in Philippines are now recognised by MCI. Hence, the Indian students have started going to University of Perpetual Help, Bicol Medical college, Angeles Medical University etc. is among one of the top medical universities in Philippines. MBBS Philippines India is also a good option. Philippines medical college fees would range anywhere between 11-18 lakh. The cheapest medical school in the Philippines would cost even lesser. Thus, even though the cost of medical school in the Philippines is less, the quality of education they offer is also very less compared to other MCI recognized medical colleges abroad.

The disadvantages of studying MBBS in Philippines are present. However, Studying MD / MBBS in Philippines has advantages such as good weather and low cost medical colleges for Indian students. Hence, it became a great option for students who want to pursue their MBBS abroad. However, there is a catch which generally all the consultants avoid telling you. But we at MOKSH do not wish to hide these facts. The admission will not be directly in MD program. The quality of medical education in the Philippines is different for different medical universities PhilippinesPhilippines medical education process is not as easy as it seems. Moreover, MBBS Philippines fees is not much. MBBS in Philippines for Nepali students is also an option. MBBS in Ukraine fees would be more but the quality would be much higher too.


UNIVERSITIES 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year Total
AMA Fees for BS-MD program after class 12(Peso) 2,50,000 2,50,000 1,50,000 1,00,000 10,50,000
Manila Campus Fee in Phil. Pesos 3,00,000
Fees in Rs 3,93,000 3,27,500 3,27,500 1,96,500 1,31,000 13,75,500
University of Perpetual Help Fees for BS-MD 4,50,000 3,00,000 1,50,000 1,50,000 13,50,000
program after class 12Fee in Phil. Pesos
Fees in Rs 3,93,000 5,89,500 3,93,000 1,96,500 1,96,500 17,68,500
Davao Medical School of Foundation Fees for 4850 4850 4850 4850 29,100
BS-MD program after class 12(Fee is USD)
Fees in Rs 6,30,500 3,15,250 3,15,250 3,15,250 3,15,250 18,91,500
Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) Fees for 6000 6000 6000 6000 34,000
BS-MD program after class 12 Fee in USD
Fees in Rs 6,50,000 3,90,000 3,90,000 3,90,000 3,90,000 22,10,000
1. Visa Conversion, ACR Registration, Medical Test = $700 (first year only) Visa renewal – 300 USD from second year onwards For Our Lady of Fatima University
2. Accommodation is Rs 6000-7000/month Water & Electricity on Actual basis. 1. Visa renewal – 175 USD per Semester
3. Cost of Indian food is Rs 5000 – 6000/month. 2. Admission & Visa processing – $5,500/


USD=INR 65 (approx for calculation) Actual rate at the time of fees payment will be calculated. Book My University service charges are additional for visa processing and air ticket charges

MBBS UNIVERSITY in Philippines


The organizational structure of the former Perpetual Help College of Rizal has interwoven within its fabric a closely-knit group of administrators and educators. The administrative expertise of Mr. Crisostomo, the educational and supervisory proficiency of former Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila acting President and the Perpetual – Biñan First Chancellor Benjamin L. Intal and former Bureau of Private Schools Regional Director Teofilo Gallardo were the forefront keys in the formulation of the institution. The other members of the founding group are the University’s First Chancellor Dr. Grace R. De Leon whose loyalty stood by and supported the founders in hurling the challenges of organizational growth; University Registrar Dr. Perla R. Sope, and consultants ADMU’s Emiliano Armas of the Ateneo De Manila University and the De La Salle University’s Oscar Bautista, Col. Jose C. Moran, father of Dr. Daisy, a Certified Public Accountant and former President of the Continental Bank, facilitated the needed funds of the project through his friends and the Development Bank of the Philippines, where he served as its first manager of branches and agencies.
Ama Med


MBBS, MD or Medical education in the AMA School of Medicine leads to the MD degree which is equivalent to the MBBS degree in UK, Singapore, India and other commonwealth countries. AMA’s medical degree is recognized as equivalent to the MBBS course in India by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and students will be given a license to practise in India similar to MBBS doctors from India, after completion of licensing formalities with the MCI in India. Similarly the Medical Degree from AMA is recognized as equivalent to the MBBS Degree in UK by the General Medical Council in UK and the medical councils in Singapore, Australia and Gulf countries. All Degrees are recognized by the USA.


Yash overseas, a foreign education consultancy is associated with the Emilio Aguinaldo college of Medicine, located in the heart of the Manila, Metro manila which is just 10 kilometers away from the Manila airport. The Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine offers the 5 years of BS+MBBS course at the best affordable price in the capital city of the Philippines. After the completion of BS, MD course runs throughout 4 years in which the first three year course focuses on theory and practical equally whereas, fourth year of the course focuses on the medical rotations to provide utmost practical knowledge correlated with the MBBS.

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